Women and even men are having problems on how to remove unwanted hairs on their body. There are quick and painless methods like trimming or shaving but in just a matter of days your hair grows again. Plucking is not only painful, but a very time consuming process. How can we get rid of unwanted hair fast?

Waxing is a semi-permanent process of hair removal that removes the hair from the root. Unlike shaving, new hair will not grow back in the previously waxed area or about two to eight weeks. Any parts in the body can be waxed like your arms, legs, bikini area, back, abdomen, and feet. There are several kinds of waxing methods suitable for an area to have unwanted hair removed.

Waxing hair removal uses a honey-based wax to pull the hair including the entire hair follicle from the root.

Eye Brows Wax (15 mins) £6.50
Lip & Chin (15 mins) £9.00
Side of Face (15mins) £6.00
Full Face (20 mins) £17.00
Under Arms (10 mins) £8.00
Half Arms (15 mins) £10.00
Full Arms (underarms not included) (30 mins) £16.00
Full Arms & Underarms (40 mins) £22.00
Bikini Line (15 mins) £8.00
Brazilian Wax (20 mins) £17.00
Hollywood (30 mins) £26.00
Half Legs (up to knee) (30 mins) £16.00
Full Legs (Bikini not included) (45 mins) £22.00
Full Legs & Bikini Line (1 hour) £28.00
Full Legs, Bikini Line & Underarms (75 mins) £34.00
Stomach/Abdomen (15mins) from £12.00
Back Wax (15 mins) from £15.00

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