Dermalogica Facial Skin Care

DERMALOGICA Facial Skin Care

Everyone wants a healthy glowing skin and do what they can at home to keep on top of cleansing and moisturising daily. But most would admit that when it comes to exfoliating or masking, they fall sadly short. Your skin is the largest living organ of your body, defending you from UV and pollution, eliminating toxins and oils and stopping you from losing water and shrivelling like a prune. So shouldn’t we dote as much attention upon our skin as we do our hair and nails (which are dead by the way!) If you truly want the best skin you can have, you need to book in for a skin treatment that will exfoliate, soothe, revitalise and nourish until you get that just stepped out of a treatment room glow.

  • Hydrating Facial (60-75 mins)  £45.00

    For tired, dry and thirsty skin! Maximum nourishment, hydration and protection for dry, dehydrated and ultra-dry skin. With firming botanicals and vitamins your skin will appear moisturized, revitalized and supple.

  • UltraCalming™ (60-75 mins) £45.00

    The Dermalogica UltraCalming™ products are serious relief for sensitized skin that calms, soothes and replenishes the most aggravated, irritated, inflamed skin.

  • AGE smart® (60-75 mins) £45.00

    Are the signs of ageing more prevalent on your skin? AGE smart® will give it a revitalizing power boost to firm, smooth, nourish, regenerate and energize while controlling the biochemical triggers that lead to skin ageing.

  • MediBac Clarifying Treatment (60-75 mins) £45.00

    Perfect for clients suffering from breakouts, this treatment helps to clear existing blemishes while helping to prevent future ones.

  • Power brightening treatment (60-75 mins) £45.00

    Accelerate skin brightening, improve skin tone, enhance skin clarity and create a fresher, healthier appearance with this effective treatment.

  • Electric Modality (10 mins) £10.00

    Combining ultrasonic exfoliation with microcurrents to ensure your treatment penetrates the deeper layers of your skin.
    LED mask ensures the best possible results and the benefits are

    • Wrinkle reduction
    • Skin toning, tightening and texturing
    • Fading freckles, skin spots, age spots
    • Skin healing and sun damages
    • Helps Acne
    • Improve Blood Circulation
    • Anti-microbial Treatment
    • Wound Healing
  • Touch Therapy £10.00

    During the 10-minute masking period, choose from:
    Indian Head Massage
    Hand Massage
    Neck & Shoulder Massage
    Leg Massage


These are like Facial Treatments … for your back! Being a difficult area to see or reach, the skin on our back is often quite neglected, and prone to dehydration, acne, and sun damage.

Dermalogica Back Treatments are a wonderful way to improve the health, texture, and appearance of your skin. Relax and refresh with a customized back treatment. Extra dry skin benefits from an ultra-soothing, hydrating, and deeply moisturizing treatment. For those prone to acne, a purifying treatment with extractions will help banish breakouts.

Dermalogica Back Treatment – (30 mins) – £30.00


Chemical peels are one of the most popular professional skin care services today because they can improve the quality, texture and colour of skin. But they can also produce severe side effects such as inflammation, discoloration and scarring for up to several months. With BioActive Peel, you can get the same powerful results without the associated risks or downtime. In fact, your skin will look and feel healthier than ever!
In general, BioActive Peel can be tailored to address:

  • skin roughness
  • signs of photo-damage
  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • acne breakouts
  • skin congestion
  • some forms of hyperpigmentation and unbalanced skin tone

Prices start from

1 treatment   £60
3-treatment package £150